Whatever you wear should be what you feel comfortable and your best in. The chapter you join will not be due to the outfit you wore during a specific round. At the end of the day this is just a general reference, by no means are you required to wear something that you do not feel comfortable or yourself in.

No outfits should be exposing of midriff or be strapless; bottoms should be modest. 

Recruitment Orientation

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Saturday, August 18th: When arriving to Recruitment Orientation, you will check in, receive your t-shirts for scholarship round and meet your recruitment counselor. This orientation will take place in multiple locations so you will be walking around campus, therefore it is advised that you are in comfortable attire. This orientation will help you get to know the Panhellenic community more, walk you through the logistics of what the week will look like, while also providing educational sessions that will help better explain expectations of membership of sororities.

What to wear: Casual attire that you will be comfortable walking around in. Leggings, shorts, and t-shirts are appropriate

What NOT to wear: Fancy or formal attire


Scholarship Round


Sunday, August 19th & Monday, August 20th

Event length: 20 minutes each

Scholarship round is extremely casual due to the amount of walking done outside each day as well as the high temperatures. During this round you will be traveling with your Recruitment Counselor to all 17 chapter facilities. A Panhellenic Shirt will be provided for both days for this round.

What to wear: Casual shorts, skirts, leggings, sandals, flats or a casual shoe

What NOT to wear: Shorts that are an inappropriate length, jeans, panty hose, dress shoes, wedges, boots, heels. DO NOT alter the length of the Panhellenic shirt that is provided i.e. do not tie the shirt, cut the shirt etc.


Investment Round


Tuesday, August 21st & Wednesday, August 22nd

Event length: 30 minutes each

You will meet with your recruitment counselor before the round and receive your schedule for the round. During this round you will be on your own and not escorted by your recruitment counselor. During this round you will be given a financial presentation by each of the chapter’s that you visit.

What to wear: Sun dresses, skirts, blouses, sandals or flats

What NOT to wear: Formal dresses, inappropriate length bottoms, panty hose, dress shoes, boots, wedges, or heels


Service & Leadership Round


Thursday, August 23rd & Friday, August 24th

Event length: 45 minutes each

Service round gives each chapter the opportunity to share their philanthropies with you as well as other service activities their chapter partakes in. This round also allows the chapters to showcase the leadership roles that some of their chapter women hold across campus as well as within their own individual chapter. It is appropriate to wear wedges this round, but it is advised that they are comfortable or that you bring a change of shoes since you will be walking long distances.

What to wear: Dresses, rompers, sun dresses, skirts, blouses, sandals, flats, or wedges

What NOT to wear: Formal dresses, t-shirts, tennis shoes, or heels


Sisterhood Round


Saturday, August 25th

Event length: 50 minutes each

Sisterhood round is the most formal day of the week. During this round you will be able to experience chapter’s preference ceremonies which is very special to the ritual and sisterhood of the chapters. Due to the chapter’s sharing this important piece of their chapter and ritual, this round is taken very seriously.

What to wear: Dresses, dress shoes, or heels

What NOT to wear: Sun dresses, t-shirts, sandals, tennis shoes, or panty hose


Bid Day


Sunday, August 26th

This day will begin by meeting your recruitment counselor who will walk you to the Civic Center for Florida State’s traditional Convocation Ceremony. Convocation is mandatory for all Potential New Members including those of all grade levels. If you are not present at convocation you will not receive a bid.  Because of Convocation, you are required to dress in business causal, but you are allowed to bring a change of clothes that you can change into at your new respective chapter facility. We recommend that you bring a pair of shorts to wear with the bid day shirt that will be provided to you after you receive your bid from your recruitment counselor. You BY NO MEANS are permitted to change in the Civic Center arena. This is extremely disrespectful to advisors, university staff and the Civic Center. If you are caught changing in the arena, you will be dismissed and will not be able to participate in Bid Day festivities.

What to wear: Dresses, skirts, blouses, sandals, or flats

What NOT to wear: Inappropriate length clothing, heels, or wedges.

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