Is there a grade requirement to participate in recruitment and join a sorority? There is no minimum grade point average required for registration; however, it is STRONGLY recommended that you have at least a 2.8 high school and/or college grade point average. Please note that meeting this minimum does not guarantee membership in a sorority. All submitted academic information will be verified against official transcripts on file with Florida State University, and academic information will be updated to match University records.

What are the requirements for participating in Panhellenic recruitment? To be eligible to register and participate in recruitment, you must first be fully admitted to and enrolled at Florida State University and registered for at least 12 credit hours of fall classes. Students who have not yet attended orientation and registered for classes, but who have been fully admitted to the university, are able to register for recruitment. Transient and dual enrolled students (those enrolled at other institutions but taking part-time courses at FSU) are not eligible for recruitment.




Can I be excused from Recruitment events because of prior commitments? Only official University events and illness/emergency are considered excused absences. "University events" would include any University athletic team practices, marching band, cheerleading, or any of the Living/Learning communities' mandatory programming. It is important to note many University programs (Orientation, Living/Learning Communities, Athletics, etc.) have events which are mandatory, and if you are a part of these programs during Recruitment, you must attend their scheduled activities and work with your Recruitment Counselor to submit an excused absence form.

Non-University commitments such as travel are NOT considered excused absences.

When is recruitment? Recruitment will take place from August 18th to August 26th. August 18th will be a mandatory day long orientation.

Can I participate in Recruitment if I have Orientation in August? Yes, although we and the Office of New Student & Family Programs (NSFP) prefer you complete your FSU Orientation session prior to August, you will be able to participate in both Orientation and Recruitment.

All orientation activities are MANDATORY. You will miss some recruitment events and chapters will be notified of your absence.



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What if I am new to college, but have credit hours? Am I considered a Freshman? On your application you will be asked for your current college classification. Your classification will be used to determine whether you are participating as a freshman or as an upperclassman. Classifications are based on the year you graduated from high school.

  • If this is your first year in college please select, First Year.

  • If this is not your first year in college, please select the year that best describes which year you will be entering. 

  • If you believe you have special circumstances, please complete your registration and then email


When is the Potential New Member Orientation and what do I do about housing? The required Potential New Member orientation will be occurring on Saturday August 17, 2019. If you are registered for Recruitment, you will be allowed to move into an on campus residence hall on Friday August 16th, 2019. Move in will span from 9am to 7pm. Please keep in mind that this only applies to Florida State University Residence Halls. For off-campus locations, you will have to make accommodations on your own with the leasing office/landlord. Also for off-campus residents, there will be a discounted block rate for hotels. Further information will be provided as we solidify these rates.

If you are moving into a Florida State University Residence Hall it is important to keep in mind that since the official opening of the hall isn’t until Wednesday August 21st, the hall may not be as decorated or as move-in ready as it will be later in the week. Most of the housing staff is still in the training process during the recruitment move in window, so housing staff will have limited availability during the first few days that you are living on campus. Anyone who does not live in the residence hall must be escorted by a resident. This includes parents. Once you complete your registration for recruitment, more information will be provided to you regarding housing.

What is a recommendation? Is it required? A recommendation is a personal letter of reference provided by an alumna of a sorority to her sorority’s chapter at FSU. In the “rec” the alumna will write about your talents and skills that will contribute to the sorority.

Recommendation letters are by no means required although they may prove helpful in the Recruitment process.

What if I don't want to join a sorority? You are under no obligation to join a sorority just because you participate in Recruitment. You are encouraged to participate in Recruitment because it is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about sorority life, gain a better understanding of self, appreciate the meaning that is behind Greek letters, as well as make friends during the process.


How many women actually get invited to join sororities at the end of Recruitment? Although most women participating in Recruitment are invited to join a chapter, there are no guarantees that you will receive a bid. Typically, nearly 30% of women participating in Recruitment voluntarily withdraw themselves from the process during the week, choosing not to continue in Recruitment even though they have chapters available to attend.

Unfortunately, we do have women who are completely released from the recruitment process. Each organization has their own membership criteria that is governed by their national organization. The membership criteria is the basis of how the chapters make their selections. Every year we will see less than 5% of women released from the recruitment process.




How much does sorority membership cost? There are financial obligations of sorority membership. In order for the organization to function, holding philanthropies, planning community service, rewarding women for positive grades, etc., the membership must provide the revenue.

Each chapter has its own budgetary needs and with those needs comes a range of dues within the community. As a new member you can expect to pay between $2,300.00-$3,600.00/per semester (Out of House).

If a woman chooses to live in the house, when/if the opportunity is afforded to her, she can expect her dues to be between $2,300.00-$4,800.00/per semester.

Dues also include a weekly meal plan.


How much does Recruitment cost? Women registering for Recruitment are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee prior to participating. The fee is paid online at the conclusion of the online registration. The fee covers costs associated with the Recruitment program, including all printed materials, early move-in for Florida State University Residence Halls, two evening programs with activities and giveaways, four meals, snacks and water during the week, a PNM bag, a water bottle, two FSU Panhellenic Recruitment t-shirts and a bid day t-shirt for all potential new members.

The fees increase as the summer progresses, so early registrations receive the lowest price.


What financial assistance or scholarships are available for sorority membership? 

There are financial obligations of sorority membership. In order for the organization to function, holding philanthropies, planning community service, rewarding women for positive grades, etc., the membership must provide the revenue. While the range of dues is presented in a per year structure, our organizations have the ability to set up payment plans.
Additionally, the Panhellenic Association has endowed a scholarship fund specifically to aid in a new member's ability to join an organization. The scholarship is a needs based, one time only award.



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