2018 Executive Board

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Jessica B: Have overall responsibility for the operation of the Panhellenic Association

Oversee the Panhellenic Executive Board, President’s Council, and all respective constituent groups

Serve as a representation and liaison of the Panhellenic Association to other councils, university administration, and the public

Favorite Memory: Sisterhood is about unwavering and infinite support such as, going to my little’s choir concerts every December, being alongside a sister when she lost her passport in a foreign country, and experiencing the moment my sister became a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. It's the everyday moments that accumulate into an experience that has forever changed my life.

Contact at: president@floridastateph.com

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Vice President of Executive Affairs

Angela G: Serve as Chair of the Panhellenic Judicial Board, receive all infractions, and coordinate judicial board proceedings

Oversee chapters’ risk management chairs and social chairs to ensure positive risk management behaviors

Coordinate Panhellenic Executive Board elections and review Panhellenic Bylaws

Favorite Memory: As a new member, I was in awe when Jessica B. spoke about why she wanted to be VP of Programming. I never imagined that a year later, we would serve on the same executive board together. I am grateful every single day for the women in this community that constantly inspire me and continue to help me become a woman I never thought I could be.

Contact at: execaffairs@floridastateph.com

Vice President of Finance

Emily R: Prepare an annual budget and maintain updated financial records

Coordinate all Panhellenic scholarship applications and facilitate selection process

Meet with the Panhellenic accountant to file taxes

Favorite Memory: The Executive Board and Panhellenic Delegates attended the Conference for Collegiate Women's Leadership in February. After long days of learning, we spent every night talking about who we were and we shared our true selves with one another. Moments like these are my favorite memories because they remind me of the deeper connection I have with these women and the Panhellenic bond we share, whether we are in the same chapter or not.

Contact at: finance@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Membership

Alexis E: Plan, implement, and evaluate all recruitment activities for all chapters

Oversee the Panhellenic recruitment staff and chapter recruitment chairs

Plan, implement, and evaluate all presentations made to Potential New Members, their parents, and any other interested parties

Favorite Memory: There’s too many to pick from. From being lost in Florence, Italy with sisters trying to find where gusta pizza was, to the everyday conversations after lunch in the TV room of my chapter house. it’s the day to day that impacts me the most. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for the Panhellenic Association and my sisters who got me there in the first place.

Contact at: membership@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Delegates

Kara S: Supervise, plan, and implement regular programming for the Panhellenic Delegates

Make all arrangements for the FSU delegation at the CCWL conference

Work in conjunction with the VP Executive Affairs to update and revise the Panhellenic Bylaws

Favorite Memory: I went to a Panhellenic meeting on a whim with my chapter’s delegate and, unknowingly, was about to change my entire experience. I saw strong women leaders come together and show me why my membership meant something. I was finally a part of something bigger than myself and had an entire community of women to encourage me.

Contact at: delegates@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Member Education

Emily M: Meet with new member educators regularly to assist with new member curriculum and education

Oversee Panhellenic new member programming and senior programming in conjunction with VP of Programming

Meet with chapter ritual chairs semesterly

Favorite Memory: On bid day, I had the pleasure of running home to my biological sister. She graduated before I had gone through recruitment and was my rock during the week. We became sisters in more ways than one and it is a memory we will cherish with each other for the rest of our lives.

Contact at: membered@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Programming

Amanda W: Oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all programs of the Panhellenic Association

Coordinate the chapters’ semesterly philanthropy calendar

Coordinate selections of the Panhellenic Director positions

Favorite Memory: As a Recruitment Counselor, I called my PNMs in for our end of the day meeting by shouting “Group 13 CACAW!” Happy to be their weird recruitment counselor. Instead of them giving strange looks, they all ran over cacawing back. The fact that we met the day before and were comfortable enough to act silly made me realize the bond our community brings.

Contact at: programming@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Communications

Claire G: Responsible for all public relations efforts including, but not limited to, press releases, website, newsletter, social media, and all other marketing tools

Keep full minutes of all meetings of the Panhellenic Association and a record of all action taken by the Panhellenic Executive Board

Oversees the Panhellenic magazine, Philia, and its team

Favorite Memory: At our Executive Board Retreat, we played a board game that prompted questions regarding your role models, aspirations, and topics that allowed you to dive deeper than surface level conversation. It allowed us to become closer, if that was possible.

Contact at: communications@floridastateph.com