2019 Executive Board



Alex M: Have overall responsibility for the operation of the Panhellenic Association

Oversee the Panhellenic Executive Board, President’s Council, and all respective constituent groups

Serve as a representation and liaison of the Panhellenic Association to other councils, university administration, and the public

Favorite Memory: One of my favorite memories would have to be when I served as my chapter's nominating committee representative for the executive board elections two years ago. Seeing everyone's passion and drive for such an amazing organization really inspired me to get involved in my own chapter, and eventually in Panhellenic. After being a part of these interviews, I knew I wanted a larger role in this community and work alongside amazing women from all different chapters. Because of that experience, I ran for President and now have the opportunity to work with so many incredible women.

Contact at: president@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Executive Affairs

Claire K: Serve as Chair of the Panhellenic Judicial Board, receive all infractions, and coordinate judicial board proceedings

Oversee chapters’ risk management chairs and social chairs to ensure positive risk management behaviors

Coordinate Panhellenic Executive Board elections and review Panhellenic Bylaws

Favorite Memory: My favorite Panhellenic memory so far has been going to CCWL my freshman and sophomore year. There’s nothing like connecting with different Panhellenic women from all over the country, sharing the same love and passion for our communities together. I have met so many amazing women and learned so much each time I went. I can’t wait to go again!

Contact at: execaffairs@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Finance

Haley B: Prepare an annual budget and maintain updated financial records

Coordinate all Panhellenic scholarship applications and facilitate selection process

Meet with the Panhellenic accountant to file taxes

Favorite Memory: My favorite PH memory was getting the chance to attend CCWL! Every day I got a chance to meet new Panhellenic sisters from FSU as well as women from various other universities. I came out of the weekend in Atlanta with a whole new understanding of the community and a vision for new changes we can work towards. The best part of it was knowing I had a whole new support system I could turn to for anything no matter how big or small. Though I’ve loved so many experiences CCWL is for sure at the top of my list.

Contact at: finance@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Membership

Myranda S: Plan, implement, and evaluate all recruitment activities for all chapters

Oversee the Panhellenic recruitment staff and chapter recruitment chairs

Plan, implement, and evaluate all presentations made to Potential New Members, their parents, and any other interested parties

Favorite Memory: My favorite PH memory has to be, as cliché as it is, having the opportunity to meet so many empowering women. I have found my best friends, mentors, and women to look up to through being a part of the Panhellenic community. The women that surround me not only uplift me, but push me to be the best that I can be. It is the everyday love and movements I share with my sisters that make my Panhellenic experience what it is. From seeing my sisters faces at dinner to sitting in Panhellenic meetings, shaped me into the woman I am today.

Contact at: membership@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Panhellenic Affairs

Anna D: Supervise, plan, and implement regular programming for the Panhellenic Delegates

Work in conjunction with the VP Executive Affairs to update and revise the Panhellenic Bylaws

Meet with new member educators regularly to help with new member curriculum and education

Favorite Memory: My favorite PH memory was CCWL last year in Atlanta, when I was delegate for my chapter. All the other 16 delegates were there along with other amazing women from FSU, and women from colleges from all around the South US. The bonds that we made, the seminars we attended, everyone was just so excited to be there and grow! The whole conference was an encapsulation of what Panhellenic represents.

Contact at: panhellenic@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Programming

Taylor H: Oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all programs of the Panhellenic Association

Supervise all Panhellenic community service projects and proposals

Coordinate selections of the Panhellenic Director positions

Favorite Memory: My favorite Panhellenic memory was Panhellenic potluck! For this community event, every chapter prepared dinner and welcomed other Panhellenic women into their homes to share a meal with them. It was a great way to connect our community and I loved welcoming amazing women from other chapters into my home. We got to eat some yummy food and talk to amazing people that we don’t get a chance to see everyday! I had never met the women that I sat with but by the end of the meal you would have thought that we had known each other for years! i love being able to make connections with members of this amazing community.

Contact at: programming@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Public Relations

Jenna L: Responsible for all public relations efforts including, but not limited to, press releases, website, newsletter, social media, and all other marketing tools

Oversees the Panhellenic magazine, Philia, and its team

Serve as recruitment historian and publicist

Favorite Memory: As a freshman, I was given the opportunity to interview women on behalf of my chapter for a vacant position on the 2018 Executive Board. I was able to listen women share their passion for Panhellenic and see how driven they were to create positive change throughout the community. I had the opportunity to meet so many incredible women and form so many meaningful connections in such a short amount of time. These women inspired me to get more involved in this incredible community.

Contact at: publicrelations@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Administrative Affairs

Kaley L: Keep full minutes of all meetings of the Panhellenic Association and a record of all action taken by the Panhellenic Executive Board

Make all arrangements for the FSU delegation at the CCWL conference

Meet with Philanthropy chairs regularly and manage dates for all Panhellenic organizations’ Philanthropy events.

Favorite Memory: My favorite Panhellenic moment is every moment I got to spend with the 16 other Delegates last year when we were Panhellenic Delegates for our respective chapters! Those women have not only become some of my best friends, but my sisters as well. Between collaborating together, having a bowling party, rewriting and revising the Panhellenic bylaws, brunching at The Egg (highly recommend), and supporting each other through all our endeavors, we became the strongest unit of women that I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of. They have made me more confident in myself, while also challenging me to push boundaries I’ve never even thought of before. Those 16 other women, in addition to the thousands of women in each chapter, have made my Panhellenic experience at Florida State unlike any other.

Contact at: admin@floridastateph.com