Study the Past If You Would Define the Future

Confucius, the Chinese philosopher that you have no doubt studied repeatedly in PHI2010, once said “Study the Past If You Would Define the Future”. I know you’re thinking “why is she telling me this Fortune cookie riddle?” but since out last Panhellenic meeting, I’ve been reflecting on what Freddy asked of all of us. He asked us why our chapters were founded. Do you know why yours was? It runs a lot deeper than just Florida State.

Beginning with that ancient cloaks and dagger business, secret societies were all the rage at prestigious Northeastern universities in the late 1700s.

Formed in 1851, The Adelphean Society (Alpha Delta Pi), the first women’s secret society marked the beginning of a new era. An era where women were able to do everything and more that men could. The societies continued as the Philomathean Society (Phi Mu) formed in 1851 and the I.C. Sorosis (Pi Beta Phi) assembled shortly thereafter in 1867. Phi Beta Phi is credited with being the first society to expand and create more chapters. Founded in 1870, Kappa Alpha Theta was the first women’s fraternity that used Greek letters. Kappa Kappa Gamma formed this year as well and ushered in the beginning of many more organizations, Alpha Phi in 1872, Delta Gamma in 1873, Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Kappa both in 1874, Delta Delta Delta in 1888, Alpha Xi Delta in 1893, Chi Omega in 1895, and Alpha Omicron PI in 1897. Gamma Phi Beta is the trailblazer in creating sororities. Until this term, all chapters were considered women’s fraternities but Gamma Phi Beta’s advisor invented the term “sorority”, meaning sister. All of these chapters were founded with similar intentions, living their values daily and providing sisterhood to all of its members.

We cannot define our future here at Florida State within our chapters and within Panhellenic if we do not know the history behind our own chapters. Alpha Chi Omega tells us “Together Let Us Seek the Heights”. Alpha Delta Pi says “We Live for Each Other”. Alpha Gamma Delta tells us to “Live With Purpose.” Alpha Omicron Pi tells us we are “Women Enriched through Lifelong Friendship”. Alpha Phi tells us that we are “Union Hand in Hand”. Chi Omega tells us that “To Be Womanly Always, To Be Discouraged Never”. Gamma Phi Beta encourages us “To Inspire the Highest Type of Womanhood”. Delta Delta Delta tells us “Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another”. Delta Gamma motivates us to “Do Good”. Delta Zeta tells us “To Those Closer Ones, Love that Is Ever Steadfast”. Kappa Kappa Gamma inspires us to “Aspire to Be”. Kappa Alpha Theta tells us we are “True Promise”. Kappa Delta inspires “Let Us Strive for that which is Honorable, Beautiful, and Highest”. Phi Mu encourages us to be “the Faithful Sisters”. Pi Beta Phi motivates us to be “Friends and Leaders for Life”. Sigma Delta Tau reminds us to be “One Hope for Many People”. Zeta Tau Alpha says “Seek the Noblest”. I know we do not all wear these letters, but each chapter really gives us advice we can live by. By living all of our mottos, we define our chapters, we define our future, and we define Panhellenic’s future.  If we know our past, we can change our present to be proud of our future.

Love you all!



Brittany Molinari