What If I Am A Legacy?

by. Hannah T.

You’ve signed up for formal recruitment. Now what? 

You research all 17 chapters, think of conversation topics for each round, and prepare to spend a week outdoors in the Florida heat.

You’re getting more and more excited as the week gets closer.

It’s a few weeks away, and then your mom tells you that she turned in her legacy form, so you’re all ready for recruitment!

This is what happened to me weeks before attending formal recruitment at my dream school. I knew mom was in a sorority, but I had no idea what she was talking about.

I’m here to help you navigate your way through recruitment and offer some advice if you are going through recruitment as a legacy, so you are more prepared than I was.


First off, what exactly is a legacy?

A “legacy” is a woman whose close relative is a member of a Greek organization. However, each chapter has it’s own definition of “legacy” that specifies which members of the family would qualify you as a legacy. Some organizations only accept sisters, mothers and grandmothers, while others will also consider aunts and cousins.


How does my relative know if they have to write a recommendation/form?

On the Panhellenic recruitment registration form, there is a question asking if you are a legacy. Here, you can note which chapter your relative is a member of and their relationship to you. Next, your relative can write a recommendation letter to that chapter. It is important to note that some chapters do not require this. Make sure your relative verifies how their organization defines “legacy.” From there, each chapter has a recommendation form at an international/national level. You can find all of this information on the organization’s main website, which can be found on the National Panhellenic Conference website: https://www.npcwomen.org/about/member-organizations.aspx


Now that we’ve gotten the legacy logistics out of the way, here are some tips to help you succeed during recruitment (legacy or not):

  • Always keep an open mind! This is the most important aspect to help you find your chapter. Having an open mind can be hard, especially for legacies, but make sure you’re giving other chapters a chance because there is no guaranteed bid even if you are a legacy. You may go through recruitment only to realize that the organization you are a legacy of is not the right fit for you.

  • A support system will help you get through the week. My biggest support and motivator was my mom. She continually encouraged me to meet and speak to as many women as possible during recruitment and to make my own decisions. She loves her sorority, but also had many great friends throughout the Greek community. Having someone who supports your decisions will help make the process easier.

  • Don’t focus too much on your legacy status during recruitment week. If you have declared your legacy status on your recruitment registration, the chapter will already know you are a legacy. My suggestion is to keep the “legacy talk” to a minimum. Talk about your values and see if they align with those of the organization!

  • Be 100% you. Be yourself and true to who you are. Whether you are a legacy or not, you can go into recruitment not knowing where you’re meant to be. By being 100% you, you’ll give yourself the best chance to find your true home in the Greek community.

The reality is, all of our Greek chapters on this campus are great organizations with wonderfully smart, interesting, and dedicated young women. Enjoy recruitment week, leave a lasting impression, make new friends, and find your home! You have the chance to start your own legacy here.


Bela Grigsby