What To Expect During Recruitment

What To Expect During Recruitment

By Emily M.


Dire Thirst

Dramatic but also important!


Each PNM will be given a water bottle to carry during recruitment. These water bottles will be allowed into all the chapter houses! Tallahassee in August is prime time for dehydration, so it is very crucial to drink water in-between chapters and during any free time. Drinking water while talking to a chapter member in their house is OKAY! Every member has been in your shoes and knows how hot it is and how exhausted you are, so don’t be embarrassed to chug that water! Water coolers will be located outside of each chapter for you to refill your water bottle.

Tip: make sure to refill your water bottle outside of the chapter houses.



Don't be alarmed


Recruitment is fun! Chapter members and Recruitment Counselors are very excited to meet you. Both have waited all summer to be back at Florida State University and interact with fellow students! It’s okay for you to be excited and nervous at the same time during recruitment. It’s such a fun, rewarding process and you learn so much about yourself throughout each day. As the week goes on, your excitement keeps you pushing through long days, so don’t lose your flame!

Tip: chapter members may be alarmingly happy and glowing, but they are just as nervous to meet you as you are to meet them.



I’m warning you now


Be prepared to go straight to bed when you get home every night. Think you will want to go out to eat? Nope. Think you will want to unpack your dorm a little? Hard Nope. I would advise going to the grocery store before recruitment starts and stocking up on food to get you through the week. Your day will begin bright and early (it will most likely be dark when you wake up) and will end nice and late (it will most likely be dark when you are done for the day). With days being so long, you will be prone to illness and dehydration. Pay attention to what your body is telling you!

Tip: Bring snacks in your bag with you to eat throughout the day and to power you through the day.



F is for friends who do stuff together


As cliché as it sounds, you will make so many friends throughout this process. You will make friends throughout your PNM group, with your Recruitment Counselor, and with chapter members you speak with. These friendships will last long beyond the week. Some of these friends may even be future sisters.  Panhellenic is full of support, so if you ever need anything, you can always go to your new friends to have your back. I like to think of recruitment as lady speed dating. Your talks with chapter women may be short, but they are meaningful. That chapter woman could become your best friend in weeks to come. Chapter members, fellow PNMs, and Recruitment Counselors are all friendly faces to see while walking around campus.

Tip: have an open heart and an open mind while going through recruitment. So many women will be wanting to let you into their lives.



Not cool people


Rumors tend to spread among PNMs about individual chapters and about the recruitment process. Don’t let what other people are saying influence you because it is probably not true! If you have a question or concern about whether something is true or not, go to your Recruitment Counselor and let her tell you the truth instead of rumors.

Tip: talk to your Recruitment Counselor if you have any questions or concerns!


Trust the System

Seriously…do it



“Trust the System” is a term you will hear a lot - mostly from your Recruitment Counselor. Although you might get tired of this phrase, it holds true. Do not release a chapter you really enjoyed because of a rumor you heard in your PNM group. As stated above, rumors aren't called facts for a reason. Recruitment is a mutual selection process meaning if you get a chapter back that you liked, they liked you too. With this being said, don’t be upset if you don't get a full schedule back every round because most women will be in the same situation. Finding a home with where you feel comfortable is most important.

Tip: Be your genuine self and you will be more likely to find a home that is filled with women who have your same values, goals, and ambitions.



Its raining, its pouring..


There is almost a 100% chance that it will rain the week of Recruitment. This also means higher humidity. Don’t be upset if your hair and makeup are no longer in the state they were when you left in the morning. Also, don't be embarrassed to walk into a chapter house soaking wet (I did this multiple times). We live in Florida - no one can predict exactly when there is going to be a torrential downpour. Chapter members have all experienced being poured on in Tallahassee unprepared.

Tip: In order to combat this, have and rain jacket/ poncho AND an umbrella. Umbrellas and Ponchos may only cover half your body, leaving the other half of you soaked (true story, this was me as a PNM). The umbrella will allow for more coverage. I also advise bringing a change of shoes to walk in.

Bela Grigsby