What I Wish I knew Before Going Through Recruitment

What I Wish I Knew Before Going Through Recruitment

By Hannah A.

Making the decision to go through Panhellenic Recruitment was easy, but the hard part was not knowing what to expect. My understanding of a sorority and what it meant to be a Panhellenic woman was limited at best and I had little to no idea of what the recruitment process was like.  Besides a few friends of my mother’s, I knew two women in sororities at Florida State and my perception of their Panhellenic experience was solely based off of social media. To say that I was clueless about Recruitment or sorority life was an understatement, but that’s completely fine because I was not alone. The majority of women that go through this process have no idea what to expect, so here is some wisdom from a former lost and overwhelmed Potential New Member to another:

1. Reflect on why you want to go through this process. Start thinking about why you registered and what you want to get out of the experience. When you know what you want within a sisterhood, it is much easier to know what you are looking for.

2. There is no such thing as a “best” sorority. All seventeen chapters have their own strengths, but there is no single, best chapter. The “best chapter” is the one where you can be yourself and that is best suited for you.

3. There is no specific mold for a sorority woman. Panhellenic women come from varying backgrounds with unique interests. There is no single type of sorority woman. Embrace who you are because that is what makes you a valued member of this special community.

4. Sororities are expensive… but there are ways to make it work. On the day of financial presentations, I remember getting extremely overwhelmed because I was paying for my dues myself. Yes, dues are expensive, but there are ways to make it work: Scholarships, part-time jobs, saving up over summer, and more. At the end of the day I remind myself that Panhellenic has given me more than money could ever buy because you can’t put price tag on friendships and experiences.

5. The only person who matters in this decision is YOU. It doesn’t matter what chapter your mom, great grandmother, best friend, or boyfriend’s sister was in. This is YOUR experience, and only yours. You deserve to find the chapter that will help you become the best version of yourself, and the only way that will happen is if you go where you feel is the best fit.

If you let it, Panhellenic can catapult Florida State from “good” to “absolutely amazing.” From the recruitment process to joining your chapter to getting involved, this experience is  what you make of it.  

Bela Grigsby