What Does Values Based Recruitment Mean?

Dear Potential New Members,

I’m so glad that you are considering or have already registered for Panhellenic Recruitment this year! Recruitment is a great way to learn about your self in the midst of learning about our Panhellenic community at FSU. So, I encourage you to take this time before recruitment begins to get a head start!

Consider yourself at this point in time. And consider what you want to grow into. Maybe you are more introverted and want to have a go at meeting new people. Maybe you wished you had gotten more involved in high school and hope to do more in college. Maybe you have no idea who you are and what you want. Whatever the case may be, Panhellenic Recruitment is an opportunity to discover more for yourself.

You see, every chapter in Panhellenic, offers a number of things to each individual member. This extends beyond service hours and resume builders, socials and date functions, even friendships and mentorships. The Panhellenic council, including all of the belonging chapters are centered around a lifelong history and commitment to empowerment. By joining a Panhellenic chapter, you are committing to so much more than meetings, big/little, date functions, trusted sisters, and a place to call home. You are committing to hard work dedicated to discovering and building more for yourself and others.

Every chapter is founded upon a ritual that guides their direction and actions. This is what makes Greek life different than other organizations on campus. While all rituals differ and are respected as confidential to their respective chapter, the Panhellenic council recognizes the importance of ritual in empowering the community. 

When you commit to joining a chapter, you will be committing to their ritual for the rest of your life. Now I know what you’re thinking, if they are secret, how are we supposed to talk about it during recruitment, how am I supposed to commit to something without knowing what it is? Well, fortunately for you, we have what is called “values based recruitment.”

Although a chapter's ritual is secret, the way a chapter or its members live out their ritual should not be. A ritual is simply a tool used to hone, pursue and uphold values. It is a way members empower each other and themselves to become better and do more through their shared and differing values. 

Throughout the week you will be given ample opportunity to talk to members about the different things they have learned through joining a sorority, what they have done in their time as members, and what they like about the community and what they would like to see improved, and much more. Throughout these conversations, you should be able to gain insight into the chapters you could see yourself learning and growing on your own, alongside others. 

So, definitely take this time to really think about what you value and in what ways your values guide your life and actions. From there, consider what you want out of a Panhellenic sorority. Begin getting to know yourself and what you are willing to commit to, so that in August you can truly discover what lies within the community, each chapter, their members, and yourself.


Your Future Recruitment Counselors 

Shannon McKenney