2018 Panhellenic Executive Board

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Jessica B: The Panhellenic President presides over all Panhellenic meetings, activities, proposals and initiatives. She is responsible for overseeing the Panhellenic Executive Council to ensure each member is working to promote innovative ideas and projects that create and maintain congruency between our mission and our members. The President conducts weekly President’s Council meetings with chapter presidents to discuss issues in the community, develop solutions for the problems, and to form strong relationships between chapters. She acts as the liaison between Florida State’s Panhellenic Association and University officials, all Greek councils, the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), and the Tallahassee community.

Contact at: president@floridastateph.com

Vice President of Executive Affairs

Angela G:   The Vice President of Executive Affairs serves on the Greek Judicial Board as the Panhellenic Chief Justice and facilitates the Panhellenic Executive Board slating process in the fall. It is her duty to organize, train, and work with each chapter's Social Chair, Standards Chair, and/or Risk Management Chair to inform our chapters of the rules and regulations that govern our community. The Vice President of Executive Affairs is also responsible for updating and maintaining the Panhellenic Constitution and handling any conduct sessions with a chapter. Each semester, the Vice President of Executive Affairs hosts a Risk Management Seminar to make sure all members of each council are aware and understanding of safety guidelines and regulations. 

Contact at: execaffairs@floridastateph.com

Vice President of Membership

Alexis E: The objective of the Vice President of Membership is to oversee and manage all aspects of Panhellenic recruitment in both the fall and spring semesters. One of her most significant responsibilities is to oversee and lead Recruitment Staff, a group of four women that plays a major role in the coordination of all Panhellenic recruitment activities. She works closely with the Recruitment Chair of each individual chapter to implement recruitment rules and promote values-based recruitment techniques throughout our community. The Vice President of Membership also works with our Recruitment Counselors, who cross-affiliate from their chapters to assist in facilitating formal recruitment in the fall and act as counselors for the Potential New Members.

Contact at: membership@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Finance

Emily R: The Vice President of Finance is responsible for creating and maintaining the Panhellenic semesterly budgets. She plays an active role in each of our events and initiatives by helping board members adhere to their budget. The Vice President of Finance supervises Panhellenic's Director of Scholastic Achievement to ensure that members of our community are consistently excelling academically, and is also responsible for collecting National Panhellenic Council dues from each chapter.

Contact at: finance@floridastateph.com



Vice President of Member Education

Emily M: The Vice President of Member Education is responsible for the educational experience of new, current, and graduating members of the Florida State Panhellenic community. She oversees all educational programming, including but not limited to CORE (new member programming), Cornerstone (programming for graduating members) and Compass (programming for all members, facilitated during biweekly Panhellenic meetings, that addresses topics most relevant within our community). The Vice President of Member Education works to provide our members with the tools to understand the greater purpose of our organizations, and how to use that knowledge to achieve success and progressive advancement as sorority women. The Vice President of Member Education meets with each chapter's New Member Educator on a biweekly basis to ensure a positive and enriching new member experience throughout our community, and also supervises Panhellenic's Director of Educational Programming, and works with each chapter's Ritual Chair to better help our community understand Panhellenic's foundation, values, and purpose.

Contact at: education@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Programming

Amanda W:  The Vice President of Programming plans and coordinates all Panhellenic events, such as Panhellenic Pride Week, initiatives for Women's History Month, and various Panhellenic sisterhood events. She works with each chapter's Community Service and/or Philanthropy Chair to help ensure that the members of our community are contributing significantly toward the betterment of our local and global communities. The Vice President of Programming also supervises Panhellenic's Director of Program Logistics.

Contact at: programming@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Delegates

Kara S: The Vice President of Delegates is responsible for overseeing and training the 17 Panhellenic Delegates on a bi-weekly basis, and working with these women to update, revise, and refine all of FSU Panhellenic's Bylaws. She also supervises Panhellenic's Director of Council Relations in order to maintain strong relations with the three other Greek councils on our campus. The Vice President of Delegates must keep a running update of the Panhellenic calendar of events each semester, and is responsible for organizing registration, travel accommodations, and scholarship recipients for the annual Southeastern Panhellenic Conference.

Contact at: delegates@floridastateph.com


Vice President of Communications

Claire G:  The Vice President of Communications oversees various tasks regarding the advertisement and public relations of the Panhellenic council. Her duties include maintaining our Panhellenic website, managing our Panhellenic Social Media Accounts, creating monthly newsletters for the Panhellenic community, and designing Panhellenic promotional items. The Vice President of Communications is responsible for initiating community service opportunities for FSU Panhellenic and increasing our exposure within the Tallahassee community. She also supervises both the Director of Brand Development and Director of Creative Media. 

Contact at: communications@floridastateph.com